Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Adriana Rodriguez sexy Telefutura babe!

adriana rodriguez de telefutura

Sexy Latina babe Adriana Rodriguez is the breast, I mean BEST thing to happen to commercial breaks on the Telefutura channel. She does the "Noticias al Minuto" which are brief news flashes. Those flashes are pretty hot though as the vivacious and gorgeous Adriana Rodriguez shows off her beautiful big eyes and lovely teeth. In the past Adriana has worked as a news anchor/reporter for Univision, before coming to Teleftura where she is a regular anchor.

Sorry, we don't have Adriana Rodriguez naked or nude pics here, nor do we know her birthday or measurements. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information on Adriana floating around on the world wide web, but there's plenty of hot Adriana Rodriguez pictures!

adriana rodriguez telefutura sexy

adriana rodriguez tight top hot

adriana rodriguez telefutura sexy pic

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Tibisay Fachin Vida Ligera - sexy fotos y photos!

sexy tibisay fachin pic vida ligera
(Tibisay Fachin, Vida Ligera)

Tibisay Fachin is a sexy latina host who appears on the weekend fitness program Vida Ligera. She regularly appears alongside the shows other hosts which include fitness trainer Eduardo, and two other female hosts, Diana and Diamela Bianco.

Vida Ligera is a half hour show which is split into short segments that look at exercise, nutrition and health topics. The sexy Tibisay Fachin participates in the workouts and shows off her slender, sexy body as she does various exercises. At time Tibisay has appeared in segments wearing tight spandex or even bikinis to work out in. Vida Ligera makes for one extremely hot show thanks to Tibisay Fachin's appearances!

According to a loosely translated biography of Tibisay's floating around online, she is a model who has done work for coffee, banking, electric and banking companies among other products. She's been part of a Discovery Channel program and radio, making her one talented Latina.

Here's some of what Tibisay Fachin had to say regarding her work on the fitness show Vida Ligera:

"The advantage of recording on location is that there is a departure: when the sun goes. I think life can be light if you eat healthy, without falling into fanaticism, and have fun while exercising your body. Later I have my own video production, I'm working on it, I want to learn to lead. "

In the Tibisay Fachin fotos/photos below, you'll see just how fit this Latina caliente really is! Enjoy!

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tibisay fachin sexy ligera vida

tibisay fachin sexy vida ligera

tibisay fachin sexy pics

tibisay fachin sexy

tibisay fachin sexy

tibisay fachin sexy 3

tibisay fachin sexy 4

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marisa del Portillo - Escandalo TV fotos y pics hot!

marisa de escandalo tv cleavage breasts
(Marisa del Portillo, Escandalo TV)

Escandalo TV could easily be renamed "Tres Latinas Calientes y Uno Hombre". You better believe that the only male host of the show, a guy named Felipe, is one lucky man. He's surrounded by gorgeous women on the site, with not another male around. There's MILF Charytin, sexy latina Lilia Luciano, recently Anabelle Blum, the Escandalo Ballarinas, and oh yes, the extremely sexy Marisa del Portillo. Escandalo TV's Marisa from Telefutura always brings her A game when she's on the air, wearing tight skirts and showing off her sexy attitude as they rundown the various Spanish entertainment news, gossip and scandals. She's got it all: breasts, legs, thighs, cleavage, booty and that sexy, sassy attitude she displays on air. Not to mention there's been a Marisa upskirt sighting here or there...

Finding out info about Marisa del Portilla or a bio is a tough task online. She's got a biografia at her official site, but there's not mention of a birthdate. Regardless, she's hot no matter what her age, we know it and she knows it.

As you'll see in the variety of Marisa Escandalo TV fotos y pics below, this hot senora doesn't disappoint!

marisa escandalo tv

marisa del portillo

marisa del portillo 3

marisa del portilla upskirt


Caps provided from Wide World of Women Forum

See more of Marisa at Univision's Escandalo TV

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Melissa Marty Despierta America sexy pics

melissa marty despierta america weather babe

Replacing Jackie Guerrido on Despierta America as the hot Latina weather babe is no easy task. That is, unless you're a caliente Latina like Melissa Marty! Melissa showed up on DA just a few weeks back and was on the air delivering weather updates for about a week. Then she disappeared and the various hosts of Despierta traded duties doing the weather. But Melissa appears to be back again, let's hope to stay!

The gorgeous Melissa Marty was born on July 26, 1984 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and is a former Miss Puerto Rico Universe semifinalist (2008). She won the reality show beauty contest "Nuestra Belleza Latina" in 2008, which include $100,000 grand prize and title of "Nuestra Belleza Latina 2008". She also owns a Bachelor degree in communications and is a sorority girl (Mu Alpha Phi). With sexy brown eyes and brown hair this latina babe stands at 5'5" and delivers the weather now for Univision in a sexy style.

She's definitely got the hot body and does that Despierta dance segment in a sexy fashion (see below). In the pics/fotos/photos below of Melissa Marty's legs and chest you'll see just why the weather is heating up across the country!

melissa marty sexy

melissa marty despierta america 1

sexy melissa marty hot weather girl

melissa marty univision

Images courtesy of Cobra, Wide World of Women Forum

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ilia Calderon Primer Impacto fotos

ilia calderon

Ilia Calderon is the hot Latina babe who you'll often see as a co-anchor of Primer Impactor, alongside either Barbara Bermudo or Satcha Pretto. Ilia is Colombian and was born in 1972 in Istmina, Chocó. Her major was social work but she's gone on to work for various news shows including being part of Telemundo's morning program "Cada Día con María Antonieta." Cada Dia is currently off the air, but benefited nicely from having latinas calientes on the air such as Ilia and the weather girl, Mary Gamarra.

Starting in 2007, Ilia was brought on to Univision to work for Primer Impacto weekend edition shows. In 2009, when Fernando del Rincon was fired from Primer Impacto, Ilia took over as a regular host on its daily broadcasts.

Check out the Ilia Calderon Primer Impacto sexy fotos below which feature Ilia's glorious legs and shapely body on display. She's definitely yet another asset among the many hot Latina babes working for Univision!

Also see this article en Espanol about Ilia Calderon

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Judith Grace Casos de Familia legs pics

judith grace casos de familia univision
(Judith Grace - Casos de Familia)

Judith Grace (full name: Judith Grace Gonzales Hicks) is the host for Univision's Dr. Phil style talk show, "Casos de Familia". She has no problem wearing short, tight skirts and low-cut or tight tops to help boost the ratings. And that's just fine with the male viewers, as Judith Grace's legs are a true sight to behold!

Believe it or not, Judith Grace is currently 49, born in Monterrey, Nuveo Leon on September 7, 1960. For 14 years she hosted "Estilo" a successful TV show which ran on Televisa. She also co-hosted "Al ritmo de la noche" in Mexico City. Judith has also produced TV shows as well such as "Por tu salud" and TV programs on Canal 28 (TV NL). In addition to all that she has been in politics, running for the positions of Mayor and Senator. Judith was named Senorita Mexico 1981 which is a Mexican beauty pageant. Many fans still search for fotos de Judith Grace en vikini, or photos of Judith Grace in a bikini from the competition. Judith would probably look pretty good in a swimsuit these days too. Judith has served as the sexy, serious host of "Casos de Familia" since 2004 now, and the program is still going strong on Univision as one of its top talk shows.

In the pics and photos below you can see Judith Grace's legs on display since she chose to flaunt them in short, tight skirts. Whether in dark hose, nude hose or completely bare, Judith's legs shine in the spotlight!

Imagine trying to keep your composure as a male guest sitting in the chair next to Judith Grace while she's showing off her cleavage in a low-cut top or legs in a short skirt?

judith grace legs pic 3

judith grace legs pic 2

judith grace legs pic 1

judith grace legs despierta america
(Bonus 1: Judith stops by Despierta America)

judith grace butt tight pants
(Bonus 2: Judith Grace's bubble butt in tight pants)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Karla Martinez Despierta America fotos y pics - sexy!

karla martinez despierta america foto
(Karla Martinez de Despierta America)

Karla Martinez is just one of many Latinas calientes you'll find for your viewing pleasure on Univision. The Spanish channel babe is a hot host for the morning program Despierta America, and she's filled the void left by the super sexy Giselle Blondet quite nicely. Karla's a brunette hottie with sexy legs and a nice chest who makes watching TV in Spanish that much more worth it!

karla martinez hot despierta

Karla Martinez de Despierta America is just 34 years of age as of 2009, born 2/6/75 in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. She first started on the mega-hot show "Control" hosting that from 2000-2006. She earned her degree in electronic journalism from University of Texas-El Paso, and was named one of People en Espanol's 25 most beautiful people in 2002. The red hot mamacita now resides in Miami, Florida, and has made a sexy addition to the Despierta America show on Univision weekdays.

In the Karla Martinez Despierta America fotos and pics below you'll see just why she's one of the most beautiful people and hottest babes on the Spanish channel. The pics below won't show you Karla Martinez naked or nude, but they do showcase her legs, breasts and captivating smile. Check her out in the hot leopard print skirt, soft sheer blue top, or the tight turtleneck sweater that hugs nicely. Karla knows how to dress to impress whenever she's on the air, and the male demographic doesn't mind at all!

karla martinez pic 1

karla martinez despierta america sexy

karla martinez despierta america hot latina babe

karla martinez leopard skirt hot sexy

karla martinez pic 3

karla martinez fotos 3

You can catch the sexy Karla Martinez of Despierta America on Univision, mornings from 7-10 AM EST. See Karla's DA bio here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Edna Schmidt sexy hot Univision babe!

edna schmidt univision

Most Latina admirers will either love or hate Edna Schmidt from Univision. Personally she's one hot SBILF or LILF (you figure those out), with an amazing body that she shows off impressively in just about any outfit she wears on the air. Edna's a rock solid brunette latina caliente with short hair and a seriously sexy look on her face. She does work right now for Univision's "Ultima Hora" and "Primeros Noticias", which are two Spanish news programs. Additionally, you might see her in between commercial breaks with breaking or trending news stories. Wherever you see her, you're likely to enjoy the view of her legs, breasts or body in a tight sweater or skirt.

Schmidt just hit her prime back in August, when she officially turned 40. She's originally from Manhattan, New York, and is of Puerto Rican descent. She majored in journalism for her college studies and upon graduation moved to Puerto Rico to take a job as newscastor for WSJN-TV (Channel 24). She moved to Chicago in 92' and began working for WGBO-TV, Channel 66, which is a local station broadcast in Spanish.

Edna's big break came when Telefutura offered her a position as anchorwoman with them. She took the offer in 2002, and moved with her husband to Telefutura's headquarters in Miami, FL. Edna currently anchors a latest minute news program "Noticias al Minuto" for Telefutura.

In 2005, Edna began to co-anchor Noticiero with Sergio Urquidi. Edna is also currently pursuing a masters degree at Iowa State University in journalism. Among the major news stories Edna Schmidt has covered are the execution of Oklahoma Bomber Timoty McVeigh, and the September 11th attacks.

Schmidt's one hot latina babe and knows how to dress to impress. In the photos and fotos here you'll see just about everything, except Edna Schmidt nude or naked. Sorry, no can do, but these pictures are good for the imagination! Enjoy the view of Edna Schmidt's legs and hot body in the fotos below!

edna schmidt univision 2

ultima hora edna schmidt

edna schmidt univision 3

sexy edna schmidt black dress ultima hora

Screen caps courtesy of Wide World of Women Forum

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eve Torres WWE Diva sexy fotos!

eve torres diva wwe The super sexy Eve Torres won the WWE Diva Search contest several years back to become a new addition to the WWE Divas. She started off on WWE's Smackdown show as a backstage interviewer, then gradually worked her way into the ring. After getting the proper training, she was ready to wrestle, and began participating in more and more matches. She partnered up with Cryme Tyme for a bit on Smackdown as they did "Word Up" segments to present a hip hop word of the day. Now the lovely latina Eve Torres works on WWE's Monday Night Raw program, and the beauty is a welcome addition.

Notice below, that even when partnered with a midget Leprechaun, face down on a wrestling mat, Eve Torres still looks sexy as hell!

eve torres wwe raw hot
(WWE Diva Jillian has knocked Eve down, but not out)

wwe eve torres pins jillian divas raw
(Eve scores big with the winning pinfall on Jillian)

(Eve Torres victory dance with WWE's Hornswoggle)

eve torres maria donald trump wwe raw
(Eve & Maria escort Donald Trump to the ring)

She's already been featured in several matches, and has cozied up to stars in the ring like Snoop Dogg, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) and Donald Trump on WWE Raw. It's clear this spicy and sexy Latina, Eve Torres is definitely one of the Latinas calientes to keep an eye on! There's plenty of fans for this latina looking to see Eve Torres naked or Eve Torres' feet. However, Eve has yet to pose nude for any magazines, but fans can hope for it to happen one day!

For now enjoy the Eve Torres photo/foto gallery below! In these pics, Eve demonstrates her sexy bikini body, most likely achieved from her days dancing with the NBA's LA Clippers, or her constant workout routines for wrestling. You'll also see Eve performing mouth to mouth on a dummy which was part of the WWE's Diva search contest games. Eve did quite well!

eve torres swimsuit photo

eve torres bikini 1

eve torres indian costume

See all of Eva's nude scenes at!