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Karla Martinez Despierta America fotos y pics - sexy!

karla martinez despierta america foto
(Karla Martinez de Despierta America)

Karla Martinez is just one of many Latinas calientes you'll find for your viewing pleasure on Univision. The Spanish channel babe is a hot host for the morning program Despierta America, and she's filled the void left by the super sexy Giselle Blondet quite nicely. Karla's a brunette hottie with sexy legs and a nice chest who makes watching TV in Spanish that much more worth it!

karla martinez hot despierta

Karla Martinez de Despierta America is just 34 years of age as of 2009, born 2/6/75 in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. She first started on the mega-hot show "Control" hosting that from 2000-2006. She earned her degree in electronic journalism from University of Texas-El Paso, and was named one of People en Espanol's 25 most beautiful people in 2002. The red hot mamacita now resides in Miami, Florida, and has made a sexy addition to the Despierta America show on Univision weekdays.

In the Karla Martinez Despierta America fotos and pics below you'll see just why she's one of the most beautiful people and hottest babes on the Spanish channel. The pics below won't show you Karla Martinez naked or nude, but they do showcase her legs, breasts and captivating smile. Check her out in the hot leopard print skirt, soft sheer blue top, or the tight turtleneck sweater that hugs nicely. Karla knows how to dress to impress whenever she's on the air, and the male demographic doesn't mind at all!

karla martinez pic 1

karla martinez despierta america sexy

karla martinez despierta america hot latina babe

karla martinez leopard skirt hot sexy

karla martinez pic 3

karla martinez fotos 3

You can catch the sexy Karla Martinez of Despierta America on Univision, mornings from 7-10 AM EST. See Karla's DA bio here.

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