Sunday, December 13, 2009

Judith Grace Casos de Familia legs pics

judith grace casos de familia univision
(Judith Grace - Casos de Familia)

Judith Grace (full name: Judith Grace Gonzales Hicks) is the host for Univision's Dr. Phil style talk show, "Casos de Familia". She has no problem wearing short, tight skirts and low-cut or tight tops to help boost the ratings. And that's just fine with the male viewers, as Judith Grace's legs are a true sight to behold!

Believe it or not, Judith Grace is currently 49, born in Monterrey, Nuveo Leon on September 7, 1960. For 14 years she hosted "Estilo" a successful TV show which ran on Televisa. She also co-hosted "Al ritmo de la noche" in Mexico City. Judith has also produced TV shows as well such as "Por tu salud" and TV programs on Canal 28 (TV NL). In addition to all that she has been in politics, running for the positions of Mayor and Senator. Judith was named Senorita Mexico 1981 which is a Mexican beauty pageant. Many fans still search for fotos de Judith Grace en vikini, or photos of Judith Grace in a bikini from the competition. Judith would probably look pretty good in a swimsuit these days too. Judith has served as the sexy, serious host of "Casos de Familia" since 2004 now, and the program is still going strong on Univision as one of its top talk shows.

In the pics and photos below you can see Judith Grace's legs on display since she chose to flaunt them in short, tight skirts. Whether in dark hose, nude hose or completely bare, Judith's legs shine in the spotlight!

Imagine trying to keep your composure as a male guest sitting in the chair next to Judith Grace while she's showing off her cleavage in a low-cut top or legs in a short skirt?

judith grace legs pic 3

judith grace legs pic 2

judith grace legs pic 1

judith grace legs despierta america
(Bonus 1: Judith stops by Despierta America)

judith grace butt tight pants
(Bonus 2: Judith Grace's bubble butt in tight pants)


  1. Im 27 years old, and i think Judith Grace is a milf. I would defently go 12 rounds with her. I think she's so sexy and good looking.

  2. I'm 17 yo and I fap everyday with Judith Grace.
    Hot milf.

  3. Im 50 years old and i think that Judith is the most beautiful inteligent woman on Tv today.
    Im in love with her, too bad she is not going to pay attension to me, because Im a no body.

  4. Judith Grace you are a super hot millf you have everything that a man could want, I am 41 years old and I think that you are one the most wonderful women that I've ever seen on TV and you would be almost perfect if you would get rid of that getto word you say all the time "CHULITA OR CHULITO". Please get rid of that word, it does'nt go with you.


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