Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eve Torres WWE Diva sexy fotos!

eve torres diva wwe The super sexy Eve Torres won the WWE Diva Search contest several years back to become a new addition to the WWE Divas. She started off on WWE's Smackdown show as a backstage interviewer, then gradually worked her way into the ring. After getting the proper training, she was ready to wrestle, and began participating in more and more matches. She partnered up with Cryme Tyme for a bit on Smackdown as they did "Word Up" segments to present a hip hop word of the day. Now the lovely latina Eve Torres works on WWE's Monday Night Raw program, and the beauty is a welcome addition.

Notice below, that even when partnered with a midget Leprechaun, face down on a wrestling mat, Eve Torres still looks sexy as hell!

eve torres wwe raw hot
(WWE Diva Jillian has knocked Eve down, but not out)

wwe eve torres pins jillian divas raw
(Eve scores big with the winning pinfall on Jillian)

(Eve Torres victory dance with WWE's Hornswoggle)

eve torres maria donald trump wwe raw
(Eve & Maria escort Donald Trump to the ring)

She's already been featured in several matches, and has cozied up to stars in the ring like Snoop Dogg, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) and Donald Trump on WWE Raw. It's clear this spicy and sexy Latina, Eve Torres is definitely one of the Latinas calientes to keep an eye on! There's plenty of fans for this latina looking to see Eve Torres naked or Eve Torres' feet. However, Eve has yet to pose nude for any magazines, but fans can hope for it to happen one day!

For now enjoy the Eve Torres photo/foto gallery below! In these pics, Eve demonstrates her sexy bikini body, most likely achieved from her days dancing with the NBA's LA Clippers, or her constant workout routines for wrestling. You'll also see Eve performing mouth to mouth on a dummy which was part of the WWE's Diva search contest games. Eve did quite well!

eve torres swimsuit photo

eve torres bikini 1

eve torres indian costume

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