Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Claudia Molina sexy tight spandex Wii demo!

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Latina babe Claudia Molina does regular work on the weekend as a model for "Sabado Gigante", often seen in tight-fitting skirts with low cut tops. She's a red hot model with all the right curves, basically a Latina goddess with an impressive booty on her. More recently, Claudia has been doing segments on Despierta America. Even better, she's doing fitness segments wearing tight spandex outfits that better show off the booty.

Most recently, Claudia Molina appeared on the 12/8/09 Tuesday episode of Despierta America in a segment to demonstrate the Your Shape video game for Nintendo Wii. The game involves following an on screen figure doing exercises, as well as a video camera which records the user/player's movements. So Claudia demonstrated the jumping, shaking and moving of her booty in unison with the game. Early morning DA viewers got a great view of Claudia's bouncing booty, and that ass doesn't disappoint. Now the only thing better might be a naked Claudia Molina yoga segment, but for now this works... Classic stuff...Enjoy the images below.

claudia molina hot sexy spandex ass 1

claudia molina hot sexy spandex ass 2

claudia molina hot sexy spandex ass 3

By the way, that's Karla Martinez from Despierta America in the background, who you'll find here at Latinas Calientes blog also...

Not sure if this will make men everywhere rush out to get the Your Shape Wii game available at Amazon.com....Sorry guys, Claudia Molina isn't included with the game!

Images courtesy of Cobra at:
Wide World of Women Forum.

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